AH! is such an opera that is not an opera and is called an opera for our time. AH! is an offering for the betterment of humanity on Earth today. AH! is an environment for discovering. AH! is an immersive opportunity for illumination, a flight simulator for psychonauts. AH! is an opera. Click to read the rest of the Prolegomenon to AH!

At left is the AH! "Making Of" video, documenting the inspiration and process behind AH!


Creative Engagers are invited to participate in AH! by making an original offering to the upcoming AH! performance gatherings. These offerings will be collected with the intention of making them visible and audible in the immersive, theatrical, mandala experience, now being designed for AH! Here's how:

Create Words

Submit a brief, four-line poem, perhaps in response to a line in the AH! stories found in the interactive mandala (or not), to become part of AH! words. Enter your submission here!

Create Sounds

Upload a brief sound bite, perhaps in response to AH! media you have experienced on this site (or not), to become part of AH! sounds. Enter your submission here!


Several ringtones are available as .m4r files for iPhone users, created from source sound material used in the composition of AH! Mac users control-click and "Save Linked File to 'Downloads'," PCs users right-click and click "Save-As."


The AH! Opera interactive mandala will let you browse through the text of the thirteen stories of AH!

You may also download the complete AH! texts as a single, non-interactive PDF here.

Full Spanish translation here.


A radio documentary by Natalie Oram (UK) about the emergence of AH!

Part I

Part II

Part III

Spanish Language Radio Spot - Made by AH! participant, Jxel Rajchenberg for UNAM (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México) radio in Mexico City.

A Counterpoint of Tolerance Collage in a form called a TAW, or "Tiny-Art-Work." Produced by Jxel Rachenberg for AH!

The second AH! TAW is also a work by Jxel featuring a Mexican performer telling the story of A Well Used Dollar Bill from AH! in sign-language.

Jxel Rajchenberg working on gesture choreography for Well Used Dollar Bill from AH!