two glimpse one



Subhūti, Buddha's disciple, was an old man though Buddha's age was irrelevant or rather nonexistent. Buddha wore his flesh so he could be

[ [ seen, ]

… as the air wears wind. ]

« Thirty-two marks on his rag-and-bone-shop body. »

(The Story of Being Invisible)

        Indistinct echoes: (shop body body shop …

                                                                chop body bodhi shop …

                                                                                     bone body …)

[ Without breath, ]

how would one meditate?  Without breath what makes change

            possible? One makes breath. How would one?


(invisible voiceover)

Subhūti says to Buddha,

(visible voice)

feels as though day always ends.

« Sometimes I sleep, »

((Trouble is My Middle Name - 1) –or- see – 2 later)

sometimes I die, sometimes the sky is cloudy—then dark and luminescent, but always it’s day.  I am always awakened.

(multiplicity growing and subsiding—like a resonance bubble)

        We are offered

        [ One glimpse ]

        says Buddha, that is duality. One side is wisdom. One side faith.

        « Will your eyes be closed when

        [ times come? ] »

((Trouble is My Middle Name - 2) –or- see – 1 earlier)

        Presence is the background of

        [ absence—sense, ]

        the foreground.



Says Buddha, stars press the cosmos—the

[ black-and-white toggle ]

« Magic-lamp shadows cast dancing fireflies and platinum moon- moths glow »

(The Group)

—illusive radiance and

[ longing sucked in to wind— ]

Providence vanishes, bubbles of roiling steaming stream,

[ lightning ]

        [ flashes as short-lived as ]

        [ life like funnel clouds ]

that cup blasts of air which blow down houses full of little piggies.

[ Subhūti, along with realms of gods, mammals, and titans awaken within our one big theater of the mind—in One moment. ]

End of story.