measurement - tallying divinity



A scientist developed a theorem

[ (formula) ]

« to measure the size and dimensions of the cosmos »

(The Story of Being Invisible)

        [ with the …

                [ intention of …

                        [ sighting God ] ] ].


[ space/remainder ],

which is not filled with matter/anti-matter, he concluded, is in fact the un-nameable or

[ "He who has no name." ]

(then two)


« Science had finally tallied the theater of divinity. »

(The Group)

As proof, a colleague at a competitive university verified the calculations and corroborated their veracity; then, as a safeguard,

[ she extracted measurements from scratch ]

but through those numbers formulated

[ a shape of varying proportion. ]

Another scientist came to the same, rather different, conclusion—


(increasing multiplicity to end)

each scientist reformulating the universe in a distinctive size, each god of

[ varying form/nonform, ]

each calculation

[ correct and …

[ whole and …

[ mind-ful, ] ] ]

and yet

« unique to the individual who gathered the numbers. »

(Heads or Tails)