heads or tails


(single voice with punctuating multiplicities and varying treatments)

If such a thing as

        [ a fair coin-toss ]


        [ (non-standard question), ]

would that mean every toss

                                                        Chorus: every on every in every at every

depends on every

                                                        Chorus: every on every in every at every

other coin-toss in every part

                                                        Chorus: every on every in every at every

of the world, at every

                                                        Chorus: every on every in every at every

time and place inside and outside of space?


Could such a proposition infer that each coin-toss cannot act discretely from every


                                                        Chorus: every on every in every at every


non-coin-toss-produced movement, be it

        [ to play a tambourine ]


        « [ to worry at prayer beads while jumping or jiggling, ] »

(The Story of Being Invisible)

which are modified aberrations of coin-tossing which result in a tossed coin—for when one thinks of it,

        [ what isn't a coin-toss? ]

Furthermore, might this imply that all of life is an illusion, and, finally,

        [ when every coin


                                                        Chorus: every on every in every at every


        is in the dynamic state of tossing ]

there can no longer even

        [ (oddly) ]

be coin-tosses?


        [ And what if the tossers were brothers? ]


« coins »

(Cans With Labels) –or- see “coins” later)

tossed by genetic material produced from the same ovum?

        [ Would it matter if one were a girl, …

            [ the other a tranny— ]

                [ fraternal twins? ] ]

        [ Or if one were white, the other Latino, the third tattooed? ]


(pause—brief musical interlude)

The most incomprehensible thing about the universe is that it is comprehensible.

        [ Four heads/six tails. Three tails/five heads, 50/50. ]


What is most incomprehensible is that boys can toss

    « coins, »

(Cans With Labels) –or- see “coins” earlier)

can be brothers, might be strangers.

        [ Maybe they have a common friend, a thread in common, ]

        [ a common talent, ]

        [ a common letter in their common but different names ]

        [ (John vs. Don). ]

Would it be possible for them to have nothing in common?


        [ No! That's incomprehensible. ]


Would nothing in common be a commonality?


(pause—brief musical interlude)

What if too many coin-tosses occur concordantly and the planet wobbles off balance,

        [ tossed out into space— ]

A trying notion of the planet and its density.

Trying to









What if no winning was the income

        [ (or outcome) ]

of any coin-toss, nothing fair exists, is possible--whether random or divine destiny, whether manifest chance or God's calculations,

« stars tallied »

(Measurement - Tallying Divinity)

as an abacus across infinite space.

(music stops)


        [ The logic of numbers and faith intersecting with the insubstantial toss of            

          an empty coin. ]