cans with labels



When shopping at the bodega, she

        [ views cans with labels— ]

and though she's aware of her preferences, she stays mindful of the fact that a label should not be imputed as the reality of the thing itself.


(continue multiplicity)

Sitting before towers of labels, in the dimly lit mini-mart, she is

        [ instantaneously transported ]

to a group of tourists and schoolchildren roaming the Duomo in Milano.

                                                                                            (Duomo in Milano)

A chorus of soft swells spring forth so spontaneously from their umbilicus mouths as they wander

                                                               (amazing labyrinths of illumination—)

« their pliant bodies form the church’s interior— »

(The Story of Being Invisible)

        [ exclamations exhaled ]


(group unison—soft—delicate)


(continue multiplicity)

Spread in waves, skimming off one mass of confessing cells, to a mass of children, to the monks’

        [ harmonious patterns of sound non-abiding. ]

                                (Space in the easterly direction is incalculable, is it not?)


(continue multiplicity)


        [ instability of her vibrating body ]

and the cash register

(zoom in with chorus)

        [ calculate her debt. ]


On the line

        [ she breaks into smaller selves ]


sub-divides. Online

        [ she searches ]

                                                                                                (in cyberspace.)


Whether born from egg or moisture, she is a sentient being, not abiding in sound, odor, taste, touch or conceptions. Her limited information filtered into consciousness as spatial-temporal morphology

        [ or harmonics. ]

This is how she resonates as she reaches into her pocket to search for the change to

        [ pay for labels ]

she'll take with her.

I’ll take it.

(lightning, spark, flash—sudden focus)

        [ This is how her sound ]

fits into the

        [ geometry of bounded systems, ]

        [ into groceries. ]

This is how she subdues her thoughts.

(return to multiplicity)

Although the system is

                        wildly unstable

and might

                        break apart

at this moment,

        [ this moment— ]

                                                                                     (she is in the Duomo—

                                                                                                  she is online—

                                                                                                 she is on line—

                                                                                      she is a praying monk,

                                              prostrating himself before the God he adores—)

she is

                        transmitting sequences

presently to the Duomo that are passing

        [ through the resonance of tourists ]

                                                                                                      (she is one),

bouncing off a child

                                                                                               (yes, she is one)

                                                                                                      (a vibration)

and through the monks' vocal cords,

a synchronicity of consciousness—

        « [ the coins clinking, ] »

(Heads or Tails)

        [ passing through hands, ]

        « [ time, space, … »

        karmic debt, labels, cans, yes, ]

(group unison—soft—delicate)

« … hearing these passages of moment, »

(Intergalactic Archeologists)

        [ of music … ]


        [ AH! ]


for labels