intergalactic archeologists



In 1900 a small band of international,

        [ intergalactic archeologists ]

arrived at the monastery near Dunhuang, China and happened upon a nearby series of caves.

« One of the caves was sealed by a

        [ perfectly fitting boulder ]. »

(The Story of Being Invisible)



Upon opening the cave's mouth, a

        [ sigh of smells ]

permeated the cosmos and the group began their exploration into the deep, dank earth that carbon dating proved had been in

« isolate stasis »

(Cans With Labels)

since A.D. 1,000. A precious bounty of 40,000 scrolls lay buried in a cloak of providence. In ancient Chinese, translated from the original Sanskrit, the first printed book was found—The Sutra of the Perfection of Wisdom of the Diamond that Cuts Through Illusion—formed from

        [ seven panels of paper and silk ]

with written Gnostic knowledge about the

        [ indestructibility and power over illusion ].



The archeologists

        « { [ could not ]

                [ believe ]

                       [ their eyes ] }. »

(The Origins of Conflict)