the origins of conflict


(music intro—hip—then, single story teller bursts in—quick pace—ultra modern soloist with band and backup singers)

(one voice—synchronized)

So for instance, once upon a time there was a woman, let's say around my age. So this woman,

    Backup singers: (Her hair color, similar to mine. I mean to say, she      colored her hair a similar shade)

and her body weight also mimicked mine.

(sudden multiples—electronic doubling on a chord)

        [ who I will call me, ]


(second voice joins—synchronized—identical, doubled, additive—separated in space)

was a bank clerk in Providence, Rhode Island. Her husband was two years older than she. They met in college


                                            Backup singers: (the University of Rhode Island).



He was a fisherman and made pretty good money


                                               Backup singers: (many would call him a catch).


Her boy and girl were seven and five, respectively.


(continue as in Beginning section—two voices)

Although she adored them—In fact, she was the type of woman

Backup singers: who didn't mind

walking up to the parent of an infant or toddler and introducing herself—she didn't want another, though her husband sometimes hinted one more would make a perfect family. This woman was perfectly happy with her life just the way it was—in her mind, everything was ideal without one more mouth to feed


                                            Backup singers: (was she bad to feel this way?).


What, with after-school activities and play-dates for the kids, she could barely make time for her gym and an evening twice a month with her friends, sometimes for a night

                                            Backup singers: at the theater,

sometimes for a bite to eat.

        [ Her life was tightly constructed. ]


(continue as in Middle section—two voices)

So wasn't she surprised when

        [ her best girlfriend ]

(third voice joins—synchronized—identical, tripled, additive—separated in space)

suggested that rather than go for drinks in Boston, as they would do, they

        [ spend their night "off" ]

        [ "sitting" ]

in a Zen mediation center. "OK," this woman said, though her expectations were low, and really, she thought,

        [ drinks would be a lot more fun. ]

At the Zendo,

        [ she met a woman in a robe who looked similar to both she and me— ]

same height, weight, hair color, etc.—and the woman showed her how to sit, how to use her

                                                Backup singers: body and mind.

(fourth voice joins—synchronized—identical, quadrupled, additive—separated in space)

Nature cannot assert the negative. To breathe, to grow, to be. Tricked, ensnared in a web of one's own making/

                                                Backup singers: mind.

Mental constructions. Stories. So for instance, this woman, who looked like both me and the Zen teacher, who looked a bit like you,

(full ensemble of voices joins—all synchronized)

opened her

                                                Backup singers: mind

and saw the stories that she had created as just that—mental constructions—an erector set like her son had, might even be playing with right now in THIS moment—only she has no son—not really—only she isn't a "good" mother, a "loving" wife.

(players drop out one-by-one until one solo voice is left where indicated)

Only these identities, these activities, these mental constructions are

                                                Backup singers: theater

of the

                                                Backup singers: mind,

inner entertainers who detain us from seeing. "This" she sees. Non-abiding. And she sees after the sit she will go "home" and pick up where she left off, like a coherent dream with doors to open and temporarily lock shut.

                                                « Backup singers:  Her mind

will continually produce deluded constructions »

(The Story of Being Invisible)

—webs of deception—labyrinths of karma.  The proliferation of cause and effect created by

                                                Backup singers: mind.

(one solo voice here)

Though when she sits she non-abides / abides.

(entire ensemble of voices—synchronized)

« AH! »

(Intergalactic Archeologists)

(one solo voice sounding like at the beginning—all other voices silently mouth words in synchrony with solo voice)

« When she sits she sees! »

(Passengers - Parasites)

(rhythm continues throughout—stops suddenly on last word, “sees!”)