passengers - parasites


(sound of tuned dragonfly wings)

(short solo aria—with chorus—beginning)

The mother believes she awakens and her lovely daughter has disappeared.  The mother has been watching a movie about a young girl with aubergine hair and round eyes.  Parasitic bugs that have found solace in the skin of the girl replace her.  Upon seeing the parasites, the mother falls into a deep weeping slumber and the bugs continue the mother’s dream.  The bugs suppose the mother is dead, dreaming that her daughter is directing insects in a movie.

(line 1:) The mother is at the movies with secretions that dissemble when light’s switched on.

(line 2:) Parasites have become the daughter, dreaming a movie of a keening mother.

Chorus: (the secretions that are raised from light, the secretions that are her thoughts).


(continue solo aria—with chorus—Middle)

        « The viewer will open his eyes »

(The Origins of Conflict)

and go home

                                                                    Chorus: (open his heart)—

turn on the light—

                                                                    Chorus: (close his eyes)—


                                                                    Chorus: (turn in sleep)—

                                                                    Echo Chorus: (turning sleep,

                                                                                            turning sleep)

become something other—

« a moth maybe, nothing more substantial than the filmic flame, »


(chorus—End section)

                                                                    Chorus: « Strangers in our body. »

(The story of Being Invisible)

(slight pause)

                                                                    Chorus: Passengers.

(slight pause)

                                                                    Chorus: Parasites.